The Idaho State Supreme Court Ruled that Governor Otter's veto of the grocery tax repeal will stand.  The vote was 4-1.  The Gem State's 6% tax on grocery will stay reports the Associated Press. Over thirty lawmakers had backed the lawsuit after the repeal vote passed both the house and the senate.  The issue was timing on the Governor Otter's veto.

Idaho Lawmakers claimed the governor had waited too long to veto the bill.  The governor believed he was within his rights and was proven right by the Idaho State Supreme Court.

The court's ruling will have an impact on several levels.  The repeal bill is a popular one across all economic levels.  Several elected officials have tried unsuccesfully to get a simliar type piece of legislation on the floor in the past.  Leadership in both houses had not allowed it to get to a vote.

Look for the Legislature to take up this measure during their next session.  This decision will also be a factor in the ongoing campaign to succeed Governor Otter.  Expect all three Republican Candidates to pledge to sign a repeal bill if it makes it to their desk.


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