Not everyone is happy with the Tik Tok pro-law enforcement video created by Bellevue, Idaho Marshall Nate Sylvester. His video critical of NBA Superstar Lebron James has exceeded 4 million views. No response from the LA Laker star as of the time of this publication. Lebron isn't the only one who has an issue with Marshall Sylvester.

A local complaint against the deputy.

A complaint has been filed to the Bellevue Marshall's office against Deputy Marshall Sylvester, reports the Idaho Mountain Express. The publication did not receive any comments from their requests to the mayor's office or the marshall's office.

Law Enforcement under siege

Law enforcement has been under severe criticism for the last few years. Politicians have defunded police departments in several big cities and states. Once the police departments have been defunded, those areas have seen crime rates rise to historic levels.

Going Public

Deputy Sylvester is one of the rare officers who have gone public in responding to public pressure. Lebron James has been a vocal critic of law enforcement recently. He deleted a tweet concerning a shooting in Columbus, Ohio, that many felt was inflammatory.

Has he been suspended?

The Idaho Mountain News did ask that question to the mayor. There is no confirmation or clarification of Sylvester's status at the time of this publication. Here's a link to how complaints are filed in Bellevue.

Reaction to the attention

Sylvester told Channel 7, 'that he has a responsibility to speak out for law enforcement.'  He continued to tell the tv station about how difficult it is to be a law enforcement officer.  You can see their entire interview here. We'll continue to update you on this story as new details emerge.

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