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Idaho ranks one of the best places in the country for students, says a new study. The annual survey of Studee ranks the Gem State as the ninth best place to be a student in America. Idaho trailed Wisconsin, North Carolina, North Dakota, New York, Florida, Texas, California. Utah was the top state for students.  

The methodology to determine the best state was a collection of various factors, including the cost of tuition, room, and board, happiness, crime, income, number of clear days, % of the population aged 19-25, and number of high ranking colleges.  

KIDO Talk Radio reached out to Laura Rettie, Vice President of Global Communications at Studee.

She shared her thoughts with us about Idaho's rankings in a written email response:

"Idaho has been ranked as one of the top 10 states to be a student in 2021. The state scored well across different categories and has a lot to offer students, especially those who are lovers of the great outdoors. 

Students in Idaho can enjoy cheap rooms and tuition as well as low crime rates which is great for the safety-conscious student. People in Idaho are some of the happiest in the whole country, so you can expect to be made to feel welcome and make plenty of friends while exploring the gem state."

Idaho has four four-year universities throughout the state. They are the University of Idaho, Idaho State University, Lewis and Clark University, and Boise State University. U.S. News and World Reports recently ranked the University of Idaho as the best college in the West.

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