Another day and another headline from the left concerning Idaho Republicans.  We're led to believe by our progressive print neighbors that Idaho's Congressional Delegation are ducking their constituents.    The Idaho Statesman reports below the fold, with huge pictures, that Treasure Valley Residents want to hold town hall meetings. The story is complete with faux wanted posters featuring Senators Crapo and Risch.
The alleged grassroots organizers are mad at President Trump. For what, I don't know. They claim that Idaho's elected officials are ducking them. Say what you want about our elected officials, and they're plenty things to say, but ducking their voters is not one of them.
We all know what this movement is. A national plan to embarrass members of Congress in hopes of building opposition to the new administration. I suppose we could call this new movement a liberal tea party? Although, the tea party movement took months or years to get mobilized against the Obama Administration.
Idaho Politicians, unlike other in other states, appear on talk radio, answer calls and hold town hall meetings. These folks do not want a dialogue. Their goal is to make a scene. (See the video below regarding Jason Chaffetz.) Why would anyone subject themselves to that treatment?

I did a little research after reading today's story.  Sadly I couldn't find any 'wanted posters' in downtown Boise.  If the purveyors of progress truly want a healthy dialogue that they claim, they should drop the hyperbole, the goofy wanted posters and listen.

This movement appears to me to be too to quick to be legitimate locally.  It's part of a national movement.  Check out the NYTimes gleeful coverage of the anger across America.

Idaho and it's elected officials are unique and independent.   Hopefully, more media outlets will mirror their independence and cover the real issues instead of echoing progressive talking points.

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