Today, like many of us in Idaho and America, I voted.  Most folks say they can't wait for the election to be over.  I humbly disagree.  Regardless of your vote, we've all won.  Here's why.

I like my voting location.  It's quaint, friendly, and full of patriotic Idahoans.  Today was a little different, I walked in and was greeted with a cold 'are you registered?'  I didn't know I dressed like an unregistered voter.  I assured the individual, that yes, I'm a registered voter and did my patriotic duty.  I voted for president and then everyone else down ballot.  I must admit I wrote in Tea Party Bob, Patriot Ray, and Steve Ackerman for folks that I couldn't vote for.  Somehow I didn't like the way we vote for judges.  Yes if they we want them to stay?  What's that about?

Regardless, as I watch the disingenuous television reporters wearing too much make up speculate, I believe we've all won during this election cycle. We all have our candidate, but I'll remember this campaign for the record number of folks who got involved in the process.  New voters, returning voters, and repeat voters were energized.  Today is a good day because most Americans are more engaged in something that makes a difference in their lives than sports or entertainment.


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