Boise anticipates a night of laughter as comedy legend, Jeff Dunham, graces the stage at the ExtraMile Arena tomorrow night at 7:00pm. Launching the second leg of his 2023-2024 North American tour, appropriately titled "Still Not Canceled," Dunham is set to deliver his signature blend of sharp wit and world-famous characters, like Bubba J (in the picture above).

While this is all fun and games, many are actually wondering: How is he not canceled yet?

Dunham's latest Comedy Central Special, "Me the People," premiered in 2022, becoming the network's highest-rated stand-up special since his 2020 broadcast. With 2.8 million viewers on its debut, the special solidifies Dunham's reputation as a comedy powerhouse.

But in an era dominated by "cancel culture," where individuals are canceled for the simplest of reasons, like a joke that merely "offends someone," Dunham appears to have the ability to sidestep accusations and avoid consequences that many others face, especially in the world of comedy.

His ability to navigate the comedic scene with racy jokes that absolutely push boundaries and offend people raises the question: How does Jeff Dunham continue to dodge cancellation in a climate where others face consequences for much less? Many suspect the reason he isn't canceled yet is because of the strong connections he has with his audiences, and a deep understanding of his fan base.

Regardless, Idaho isn't offended! Boise welcomes Jeff Dunham tomorrow night at the ExtraMile Arena at 7:00pm, and we're not canceling him anytime soon.

Find tickets and information about the show here.

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