The Treasure Valley received more snow this week, causing chaos on the roads, especially during the morning commute. The harsher winter weather ultimately led to numerous fender benders and a variety of car troubles, leaving a lot of locals stranded on the side of the road.

In the past, Boise has been known for its community spirit, with people pulling over to assist stranded drivers. However, it seems this tradition is slowly disappearing.

This raises the question, do we know how to change our own tires? Or, are there still people who know how that are willing to stop and lend a hand? We've got a list of funny answers from locals down below!

While many of us might claim we know how to change our own tires from the past, the reality is that it's been quite a while since some of us have had to put that knowledge to the test. And when it comes to community spirit, we can only hope for a more positive future, but it appears there's a lot of division among residents in the Treasure Valley, which is typically based on where people are from.

In general, it's advisable for drivers to learn basic car maintenance tasks, including changing a tire, as it can be a valuable skill in emergency situations. But in the meantime, we received some funny answers to these questions on social media. Some responses were humorous, others offered helpful tips, and, of course, there were a few jabs at Californians.

Keep scrolling for 10 things that are guaranteed to give Boise drivers road rage and more.

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