There's one county in Idaho that has emerged as the best county for raising a family in our state. Any guesses? We recently covered 10 of Idaho's most affordable towns for raising a family, and the number one county on that list is also the overall best, for many reasons, not just for being the most affordable.

What county in Idaho is the overall best for raising a family?


Ada County, Idaho

Skyline of Boise with snow in the foothills

There's a recent article from Stacker that shares insights on this, explaining more reasons why the Boise area is the best overall pick, besides being the most affordable. Notably, many would argue Ada County is not the most affordable when compared to other, smaller counties in the state of Idaho.

Here's a breakdown of the most recent numbers from Stacker:

Population: 485,246
Median home value: $342,500 (71% own)
Median rent: $1,163 (29% own)
Median household income: $75,115

But here are 3 other reasons why Ada County is a great place in Idaho to raise a family:

Being Connected with the Community: Ada County fosters a strong sense of community with numerous family-friendly events, parks, and recreational activities bringing residents together.

Educational Excellence: With some of the state's most top-rated public and private schools, Ada County ensures children have access to high-quality education, setting them up for success.

Overall Quality of Life: Beyond statistics, Ada County provides a superior quality of life with its thriving cultural scene, outdoor amenities, and booming job market, creating a well-rounded environment for families.

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