With only four weeks left before Idaho's primary, it's go time for anyone running for office in the Gem State. Every year, Idahoans are frustrated by the lack of accountability from our elected officials. With the future of Idaho in mind, we've decided to provide you with a list of questions/issues that we believe every person running for office should be able to answer.

If you're tired of the bait and switch and want to hold our folks accountable, a few issues need to be addressed. We suggest you ask the question and then let the politician answer without interruption. If their answer makes sense, then maybe they've earned your vote. If not, you can always ask a follow-up, like, why hasn't the legislature addressed the ever-escalating property tax rates on every Idahoan home?

Idaho's Five Biggest Issues That Every Idaho Politician Needs to Address

The five biggest challenges to Idaho's future and prosperity.

Boise High Speed Chase Caught on Camera

On Sunday, April 10th, a high speed chase took place in the streets of Boise. The pursuit by Boise Police eventually ended near Bishop Kelly High School where more drama played out. Fantastic footage was captured by Vin Crosby, a well-known Boise meteorologist who said that during the chase, the suspect came within just feet of hitting him.

Check out the play-by-play and the action-packed video, below!

Viral Pizza Recipe Has Idaho Angry

A chef known well on the internet is referencing a "Spokane-Style Pizza" that originated in Spokane, just hours from Boise. Allegedly.
The recipe calls for two things from Idaho and given we're so close to Spokane, we though that we would have heard of this before. After watching the video, however-- we sure haven't.

What do you think?

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