There's a crisis in Idaho that impacts everyone. It's so monumental that the almighty New York Times has recognized it in a new story with the headline: The Californias are Coming. So is their Housing Crisis.

The article reviews what we live with every day in Idaho. Out-of-state buyers continue to flood the Gem State with cash offers that force Idahoans out of homes they can't afford. (On a personal note, I wish the article would've reached out to us to get the full story.) The Idaho California Crisis goes a lot deeper than housing.

The roads are littered with Californians who refuse to change their license plates. It's always amazing that someone can afford to buy a 400,000 home with cash. Tell us that they can't afford to change out their California plates to Idaho plates.

With California plates comes California driving habits. The constant speeding, tailgating, and lack of using the proper turn signals are just a few of the annoyances Idahoans have to deal with from the Golden State interlopers. How can you tell they're from California? It's easy; we see their plates!

Yes, there are some California Conservatives that are moving to Idaho. However, we see it in our conversations on KIDO Talk Radio or on digital message boards, where left coasters openly wonder why Idahoans carry guns openly? Or why there aren't more restrictive HOAs like they have in California?

Idaho is a beautiful destination state. If we want to maintain its beauty and independence, we must respect the culture and not contaminate it.

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