Sure, falling leaves and dropping temps and that one date on the calendar are indicators, but here are the real signs to look for as you await fall in Idaho.

  • Art in the park: the weekend AFTER Labor Day weekend at Julia Davis park is a sure sign of fall in Boise.
  • Spirit Halloween: These stores start popping up and taking over the skeleton of any store that's gone out of business!
  • Pumpkin Spice: Coffee shops start slangin' their pumpkin spice drinks and it may as well be a autumn in a cup.
  • Boise State Football: Could there BE any better sign of fall than football on the blue? I think not!
  • When you have to use your car's heater in the morning and the a/c in the afternoon... That's exactly where we are right now. It's 55 in the morning, 90 on your way home. What gives, mother nature?
  • The sun starts creeping out later and going down earlier. Here in the Treasure Valley, we get extremes when it comes to length of day and night. Particularly in the morning. Once dead of winter hits, don't expect a sunny morning commute. The sun will show herself when she pleases, which can be pretty close to 9am!
  • The Nampa Farmer's Market hot pepper challenge: The one opportunity you have each year to show off your ability to handle hot foods. Peppers, to be specific! It's an annual event that happens each September and there's a $300 cash prize!

So there ya go... All the less obvious sings that fall is coming, and guess what... They're here!

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