Looking for a place to commit the perfect crime?  An area where prosecution is impossible?  Welcome to the 'Idaho Death Zone' a 50 mile zone where crimes can happen without consequence.No, this article is not click bait.  There's  a 50 mile area in Idaho that borders Yellowstone National Park where crimes cannot be prosecuted because no one lives there.  The Sixth Amendment of the Constitution provides a defendant with the choice of a trial by jury or by judge.  The jury has to be made up of peers who live in the area that the crime has been committed.

Does anyone know about this loophole?  According to Vox.com, the answer is yes.  Congressional members from Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah have expressed levels of concern but not enough to eliminate the loophole.

In 2007, CJ Box's novel Free Fire drew international attention to the issue.  Still nothing has been done at the federal level to fix this real problem.  Looking for a more detailed account of Idaho's Zone of Death?  Check out this article by Brian Kalt here or check out Vox's video below.

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