If you own a home anywhere in Idaho, you have to be very angry with what you've recently received in the mail. Nope, it's not Santa's naughty or nice list; in Ada County, you're getting your tax assessment bill. The powers that be deadpanned their assessment that the taxable increase was historic.  

A twenty-five percent property tax increase should have all elected officials screaming with the same vigor that we were doing when we opened our magic envelopes. If our tax assessments were stocks or cryptocurrency, we'd be celebrating our return on investment. Instead, most Idahoans are wondering whether we'll be taxed out of our homes? The threat of eviction due to irresponsible taxation is confirmed in the Gem State, and no one is doing anything to stop it.  

The Idaho Legislature recently completed its most extended session in the state's history. Yet, both branches of government could not provide real relief to Idaho Homeowners. If the politicians do not save Idahoans, then we'll do the job for them. You can read more about how property assessments are determined in Ada County by reading the link here.

A new report says that buying a home this year will be the most challenging place to buy a home in the country. From Channel 7 via USA Today via Realtor.com (It's always a best practice to use proper attribution.) For the last four years, prices have grown to an unimaginable level. The median price surged 72% from $224,000 to $385,000 in those four years, according to data compiled by Realtor.com looking at the 300 biggest metropolises in the U.S.

How does that happen, and is the dream of home ownership dead in Idaho? It would appear so based on the numbers above, and yet our politicians do nothing about this crisis. How do we make homes more affordable? That's an excellent question for the person who wants to be your next elected official.

Will there be any candidate for public office who will solve these pressing bipartisan issues that can no longer be ignored.

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