Having had a chance to see how the other half lives a week in Lincoln City, Oregon, I feel that we will see a lot more mask-wearing and mask mandates returning to Idaho.

The Idaho Press reports that the CDC says that most Idahoans should be wearing a mask whether they're vaccinated or not. The CDC, through the Idaho Press says because Idahoans are continuing to catch the Delta variant mask must be worn indoors.

What's Next for Idaho?

Authorities told the public that getting vaccinated would bring the country back to normal. As more and more folks took the shot, we saw the lifting of indoor and outdoor restrictions. County fairs have returned to Idaho, but what happens if the infection rate continues to climb?

Oregon Mask Mandate

Will we see a return of the governor's press conference with health officials urging the public to abide by their rulings? Will we see restrictions on events like concerts and sporting events, or will everyone be required to wear a mask or show a vaccination card? The legislature did not adjourn, so they could call themselves back into session if there are restrictions.

If the rates continue to rise, one would expect government officials to return to the same playbook during the first wave of the pandemic. Vaccinated Idahoans are not immune to getting the Delta variant, so should they allow themselves to be exposed? We see something that is beyond our control, and I hope I'm wrong. Perhaps we will see outdoor events where everyone is wearing a mask? It may not be realistic, but it may be necessary if the CDC is correct.


Nampa Patriots Continue to Protest the Vax Mandate

Nurses and healthcare workers as the public to help them stop the vax mandate from local hospitals.

Boise Hospital Workers Prostesters

Thousands gather at Saint Alphonsus in Boise

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