He stabbed a woman more than 30 times and is still reportedly haunting the city. Can you guess who is Idaho's most notorious killer?

Raymond Allen Snowden is known as Idaho's "Jack the Ripper." If you've ever taken a tour through the old Idaho State Penn you've heard about him. His story still gives me the creeps.

He killed a woman he was on a date with named Cora Dean on September 23, 1956 in Garden City and the murder was brutal. He slashed her throat and then stabbed the base of her skull and severed her spinal cord. Her body was found with 30 stab wounds.

According to Urban Legends Online, the knife used to kill Cora was found in a gutter in front of Hannifin's Cigar Store in Boise.

Snowden was not remorseful either. He bragged in jail about killing two other people, although he was only convicted of killing Cora.

Perhaps he paid for the two other crimes he claims to have committed when it came time for his own execution.

Snowden's neck didn't snap properly when he was hung. Consequently he spent 15 minutes gasping for air before he died. I remember being in the exact execution room he was killed in when this story was told and it sent shivers down my spine.

Snowden is still said to haunt the Idaho State Penn and MSN just rated him the "Spookiest Ghost in Idaho."

Around town, locals claim that when they visit the Idaho State Penn they can still hear the someone gasping for air when they enter his execution room.

Do you have any stories of hearing his ghost? Let us know!

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