America is coming back from Covid the restrictive shutdowns. Idaho is currently in Stage Four of the recovery process. Our hospitals are in good shape, and more Idahoans continue to get the vaccine. Do you feel that we're in a state of emergency?

Idaho is the place to be in America. So why not declare the end of the state of emergency? Many Idahoans continue to be concerned about the loss of individual liberties suffered throughout the last year. In addition, the state has a record amount of money, so why not give the power back to the people?

The federal government controls roughly 60% of our lands, which means that we can't tax those lands, and we have to get federal permission to use those lands. As long as we're under a state of emergency, the federal government dictates how to use their money. Multiple sources have told us that the money goes away once the state of emergency is officially declared over.

Is it all about the money? The Gem State doesn't need the money or the direction from the federal government. Anyone with common sense can see that the dark days of the virus are over in Idaho. If there is a re-occurrence, we can always declare another state of emergency.

The governor's use of his power was a sensitive topic during last year's legislative session. He held a press conference with his four predecessors to lobby voters and legislators not to pass legislation to limit his powers. He vetoed bills that did restrict his powers, and the legislature failed to override them.

Governor Little could make a significant move in restoring public trust by courageously telling the federal government to keep their bribe money and end Idaho's State of Emergency.

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