Congratulations to all who participated in the 2015 legislative session.  Is it the time for celebration or consternation?  Let's find out who were the winners and losers of this year's festivities.

Governor Butch Otter: WINNER The governor outlined what he wanted in his state of the state speech, more money for roads and educators and a few other goodies.  The governor got everything he wanted, plus his veto of SB1011 survived the state Senate.

The Horse Racing Industry: WINNER  So what if horse racing loses money in the gem state?  As long as historic gaming machines turn tracks into casinos the good times will continue to roll.  So much for the Idaho Constitution!

The Coeur d' Alene Tribe: LOSER The tribe spent big money to get SB1011 done.  Despite hours of emotional testimony and a majority vote to get rid of the gaming machines, the governor's veto prevailed.

Add The Words: LOSER Despite getting a hearing before the state house and more arrests, the activists have not gotten their bill to the floor.  Perhaps more honey and less vinegar would get their bill a vote.

Gun Rights: LOSER  Greg Pruett tried unsuccessfully to get constitutional carry a hearing before the state house.  The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance was formed from Greg and his friends collecting over three thousand signatures.  Their voices ignored, and the bill did not get a hearing before the House.  So much for the Reddest of the Red!

Idaho Legislature: LOSER  Both Houses were nothing more than rubber stamps for the governor's agenda.  Plus the embarrassment over SB1011, the increase in gas taxes and car registrations, it was a performance worthy of Benny Hill more than CSPAN.

 Idaho Taxpayers: LOSER  Thanks to the Friday night heist we all will be paying more for gasoline and vehicle registrations.  We spoke, and the politicians didn't listen.  Oh, well, there's always next year.