The most protracted gubernatorial campaign in Gem State history is officially over. Lieutenant Governor Brad Little is now Idaho's Governor-Elect.

Little defeated Democrat Paulette Jordan convincing with 60%-37.9% Tuesday Night. The pride of Emmet, Idaho won all but four counties in the state. The four counties that Jordan won were Teton, Latah, Blaine, and Ada Counties.

Jordan vowed she would be back to her constituents during her concession speech. Her campaign seemed to lack the focus of past Idaho Democrats. Brad Little benefited by Jordan's inexperience on the state stage. While Jordan was in California or appearing on national television, Brad Little was on the road crisscrossing the state. His efforts paid off with his victory.

Little hasn't stopped running since he was the first gubernatorial candidate to go on air last year. After emerging from a bruising primary, the governor-elect took nothing for granted. He raised money, appeared on local media, and solidified his coalition.

The governor-elect was humble in his praise last night on KIDO Talk Radio. Amid a chorus of cheers, he thanked the voters of Idaho, his family, and friends for their support.

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