As the Halloween season hits full throttle in the Boise area, the question of whether it's legal to channel your inner ghoul or ghost behind the wheel has become a hot topic... believe it or not.

Jamie O. | Boise — Bad Driver Spotted on Facebook
Jamie O. | Boise — Bad Driver Spotted on Facebook

The question is... Is it legal or illegal to drive with your Halloween masks on?

Well, we've spoken with local law enforcement, and they made it very clear that, "as long as you can see, and it doesn't impede your vision or ability to drive safely, then you're good to go."

Something else that was brought up was adding decorations to your vehicles — that's something that can quickly become more dangerous. Officials encourage using common sense and being safe. If you can't see as well in your Halloween mask, then don't drive with it on. If your vehicle's decorations even slightly raise the risk or harming you or someone else, then don't drive with those decorations attached to your car etc.

With Halloween approaching, it's important to ensure you're not scaring fellow drivers or endangering yourself. So, if your mask resembles a fogged-up, vision-obscuring nightmare, it might be time to put it on the shelf until the costume party.

While our local law enforcement officers are being quite reasonable about the matter, remember that safety is the number one priority on the road. After all, nobody wants to spend their Halloween evening dealing with a traffic ticket, or worse, in the emergency room.

This Halloween, stay safe, have fun, and remember: it's the season of treats, not traffic nightmares!

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