As the nation continues to pray for President Trump, the major media outlets have declared the race for the White House over.  The president faces an enormous challenge if he is to beat the odds once again.  The headwinds are strong, so is it over?   The president is expected to be released from Walter Reed Medical Center, reports CNBC.

A new poll out would have you believe that Biden's lead is insurmountable.   With the election just 29 days away, former Vice President Joe Biden's national lead against President Trump is widening. A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll just released shows Biden has surged to a 14-point lead over Trump.

The poll was taken last week after Tuesday's disorderly debate, but before Trump announced he has coronavirus. 53% of registered voters now back the Democratic nominee, with 39% supporting Trump. The biggest declines for Trump were among seniors and suburban women.

The president still has plenty of time to bring back his coalition that elevated him to the presidency.  This week Vice President Mike Pence will debate Kamala Harris in Salt Lake City, Utah.  If Pence, the underdog, can beat Harris this week and the president can get back on the road, well, then the game is still on.

Joe Biden has confirmed that he'll appear in the next presidential debate which is scheduled to be in Miami on October 15th.  I wouldn't underestimate the president's ability be ready for both debates.  A few good performances and the tide turns in favor of the White House.

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