It looks like last week's Immigration Customs Enforcement raids have created opportunities for Americans who are looking for work.  You know the old saying, immigrants are willing to do the job that most Americans will not do?  So what happens when ICE raids a work place that is dependent upon illegal labor?  What happens when the work force is displaced or disappears?  If you're looking for a job, here's a place that is hiring and needs works as soon as possible!

One of the companies targeted by recent immigration raids is hosting a hiring fair today. Koch Foods, a poultry processor is welcoming prospective applicants at its Morton, Mississippi facility. Two forms of identification are needed.

Officials say 680 immigrants were taken into custody in the what's believed to the largest enforcement operation in US history. Koch Foods says it uses the E-Verify system to check employment eligibility but stresses the system only tells them whether an identity is eligible - not whether someone has stolen that identity.

The immigration debate will continue to be a topic of local and national interests.  The president and his allies believe the wall should and will be built.

Do you buy the argument that immigrants are willing to take jobs American's won't? Is the real issue that illegal immigrants are willing to work for less money and are more easily manipulated due to their legal status?


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