Lately, we've had a rather challenging news cycle.  First, we're told to stay inside or else we're breaking the law.  Then just as it looked like things were getting back to normal, bam, the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  The resulting riots and protests have stretched some people's emotions to the breaking point.
So what can we do?  Well, I thought I'd take a walk.  The last walk I took involving KIDO Talk Radio was several years ago when I walked from Hailey to Boise in seven days.  What I learned on that walk helped me thing about doing another walk.  A Unity Walk through the Treasure Valley.

What will it accomplish?  I'll certainly be burning more calories than usual!  My goal is to hear what you have to say outside the cozy confines of the broadcast center of KIDO Talk Radio.  So if you see me, give me a honk or say hi!  Here's my route that I'll be walking today in the Treasure Valley.

I'll be starting at the Sinclair Station near Micron on Federal Way.  I'll eventually take a left on Capitol Boulevard.  I'll walk to the Boise Depot to the Capitol Building, then a left on West Jefferson to 16th street to West Main to Fairview.  I'll be updating my journey today, so make sure you're on the KIDO Talk Radio App or any of our social media platforms.

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