This week the Idaho Legislature will be back for a special session on how the state will handle the coronavirus.  There's only one word that really matters this week and that word is liability.  The governor and legislative leadership want to protect schools and businesses from folks suing them if they get the coronavirus.  There will also be a proposal on how to handle the upcoming elections in November safely.  Will there be any attempts to discuss the expanded roll of the executive during the coronavirus crisis?

Not likely, according to the elected representatives that have spoken to us on background. Governor Little told us a few weeks ago that he wanted a limited agenda if a special session were to be called and that's what we have in this week's session.

Join us this week as we'll have lawmakers on every morning right before the big votes are cast.  If you miss any moment of the Kevin Miller Show, you can go to wherever you get the podcast and find the Kevin Miller Show.

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