The Terrace Drive In will once again host our presidential debate watch party.  The debate between former Vice President Democrat Joe Biden and Republican President Donald Trump will begin at 7pm our time and will last for 90 minutes.  The event is free and we'd love to see you and we'd advise you to get their early.


Kevin Miller will host a pre debate show and a post debate show live from the Terrace Drive In.  Here's is list of topics that have been chosen my debate moderator Kristen Welker of NBC News courtesy of MarieClaire:

In the presidential and vice presidential debates, the moderators are in charge of researching and selecting the topics the candidates will discuss, and Welker released her picks on Oct. 16. Barring any major news breaks between then and the debate on Oct. 22, per the Commission on Presidential Debates, here are the broad topics Welker plans to ask each presidential hopeful to address:

  • Fighting COVID-19
  • American families
  • Race in America
  • Climate change
  • National Security
  • Leadership
October 15th
Jackie Hill / KIDO Talk Radio

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This presidential debate watch party is unique in so many ways.  Who doesn't remember going to watch a movie at the drive in as a kid?  If you've never been to a drive in, now's your chance to relive some of the great moments in American entertainment.  Although the schools have remote learning, we'll have our own political science class this Thursday night.  See you there!

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