The Patriotic Season kicks of tonight in beautiful Nampa, Idaho as we celebrate the 52 Annual Treasure Valley God and Country Festival. 

If you've listened to my show this week or listened to any media outlet, you know that there's a historic celebration going on in Nampa.

The God and Country Festival is essential to you because it's a unifier in a world that continues to promote divisiveness. Lately, negative opinions about what's wrong with America seem to be overwhelming.

What tonight's celebration will remind us is that we live in a great country thanks to a great God. You won't hear that message in other places, but you should, that's why we gather tonight. Our mission is to remind everyone, how grateful we are to live in our country and have the freedom to worship as we chose. Whether you're a fan of music or the spoken word, the message is clear. We love America, and we love our faith. See you tonight in Nampa!  Don't forget that you can hear the fireworks soundtrack on 1075FM and 580AM.

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