Miss Kevin Miller's interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro this morning on KIDO Talk Radio?  Here's what the judge said to Kevin Miller about the Russian Investigation, the Michael Cohn Tapes, and the plot to remove President Trump from the White House.  The Judge told us that the attacks against President Trump have never happened before in American History. "We never have seen the kind of pushback that has shown itself to be an effort on the part of the Deep State with the intelligence community, the FBI, and the Department of Justice to frame an incoming president with a Russian collusion investigation.

Jeanine Pirro has known the president for thirty years and shared her insight of how the president operates. "We needed an outsider.  We need someone like Donald Trump who's beholden to no one  Who is a man who could be out playing golf the rest of his life if he wanted to."

You can buy her new book here.  You can listen to the entire interview below.


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