It's not looking good for the gyms that are in the Central Health District.  It looks like the next meeting the possibility of closing gyms once again will be discussed and perhaps voted on.  Axiom Fitness is organizing its members to email the Central Health Board asking them not to close their gyms.  Here's a youtube video that features the comments of the Board on the future of gyms in the district.  You can go to 26 minutes and the 45 minutes in to hear what is being said.

There has been no discussion to my knowledge of prohibiting protests that have drawn thousands to the streets in the district.  I believe there has been one report of a gym that had someone get the coronavirus.  That facility was closed and is now reopen without any more reported infections.  If you'd like the gyms to remain open you can email Central District Health at


Please make sure to email your thought before Monday at 4pm.

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