8:30AM-9AM  John Felkins preview EnterLeadership and talk about the economy.  ML from Minutemanrx.com calls in to discuss economic issues.

8AM-8:30AM  Kevin Miller discusses the changing tax codes with Robin from Silverbridge CPAs.  Jim from Star stops in to preview EnterLeadership.  Steve Ackerman wishes Kevin a happy birthday.  He breaks down O'Reilly verses Obama!  EnterLeadership's Chris Hogan details specific strategies to grow your business.

7:30AM-8AM  Kevin takes a look at the passing of the Farm Bill and what it means to the economy.  John Felkins from EnterLeadership rejoins Kevin Miller previewing today's event.

7AM-7:30AM  Kevin interviews members of the EnterLeadership team.  Jim from Middleton joins the conversation along with Senator Bob Smith and Tom Munds.  Kevin takes a look at the water at the Olympics and the possible terrorist threat.  Tea Party Bob brings Kevin coffee at the Morrison Center.  Representative Laurence Denny phones with a report from the legislature.  Russ calls in to give Kevin a hard time on his birthday.

6:30AM-7AM Kevin hears from Linda, Daryl, and Patriot Ray wishing him a happy birthday.  Patriot Ray discusses Big Ed Beckley getting the boot from Twin Falls.  Kevin's Mom calls in wish him a happy birthday!  Kevin's Dad gives him tips on how to write Cowboy Poetry.

6AM-6:30AM John Felkins joins Kevin LIVE at the Morrison Center discussing EntreLeadership and what folks can expect today.  Kevin urges folks to come to the event to learn more about their business.

5:30AM-6AM  The manly man segment is back and Kevin welcomes back the returning Dave Burnett.  Sweet Willard joins the show and debates the SOTU and national signing day.

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