The atmosphere here is borderline electric here at the Riverside Hotel.  Our friend Oh from Eagle here playing with his computer.  When we last left him he was drawing funny faces of the president.  We've had several speeches from the chairman and chairman of the state college republicans.  The crowd continues to wait in hopes of Idaho following the nation's lead in choosing the GOP over the democrats.  I personally wish I were home watching the results on TV.  I wonder how the national press is positioning the big republican win.

I recall the devastating results of the 1992 presidential election when President Bush lost to Bill Clinton.  I could not stand Dan Rather's glee as he reported the results.  I remember working election nights in 2008 and and 2012.  Those were not good days to be in the political business.  Tonight it's about redemption and repudiation.

I had a chance to speak with Senator Crapo who was very happy about tonight's results.  He believes that this election will allow things to finally get done in Washington.  Good News... North Carolina has gone republican... I'm so glad the Tarheel state made the right choice.


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