Eagle High School was the latest stop in the Spring 2019 edition of Kevin Miller's promote our schools, secure our future program.  The broadcast highlights the achievements of students, teachers, administrators, and parents.  Since 2011, over 140 schools have hosted this KIDO Talk Radio's educational morning show.

Daniel Ritz/KIDO Talk Radio

The Mustangs once again showed their enthusiasm for their school community.  Premium Blend, the Eagle High Choir, sang their hearts out waking up the Treasure Valley.  Their performance was followed by the Eagle High School Band who played until Glenn Beck took over at 9 a.m.

Daniel Ritz/KIDO Talk Radio

Several students joined Kevin Miller to share their thoughts on being a student at Eagle High School.  The Mustang Teachers described how they prepare students for life after high school.  The conversation continued covering community service, outside activities, and sports programs.


Several members of the senior class expressed their gratitude to the Eagle Community for supporting them at school and attending their games.  They shared with Kevin Miller their post high school plans, including what colleges many are planning to attend.  Eagle High School has an excellent program to help students figure out what type of skills they'll need post high school.

Daniel Ritz/KIDO Talk Radio

Whether someone is going to college, the trades, or the military, the Eagle High Staff works to provide students and parents the information they need to succeed in today's world.  Thank you to Eagle for allowing us to profile your school.

Daniel RItz/KIDO Talk Radio