Kevin Miller is live this morning from Sheridan Academy in Meridian.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the VA Scandal, Medical Marijuana, and the potato/WIC controversy.  Tea Party Bob and Pro Life call in to give their take.  Kevin Miller urges folks to donate to the Boise Rescue Mission and support Miller's Mission.


Kevin Miller speaks with the Reverend Bill Roscoe of the Boise Rescue Mission.  Kevin and Reverend Bill announce 'Miller's Mission', a campaign to raise money and resources, that will begin Monday at the Wal Mart on Garrity and Franklin.

Kevin Miller interviews Bod Shultz, a Sheridan Academy board member and parent, who details how Sheridan Academy operates.  Bob continues to explain the difference Sheridan Academy has made in the lives of students in the Treasure Valley.

Mr. Shultz shares his experience as a host for international students who attend Sheridan Academy.  He explains the benefits of cultural sharing from students who are from Thailand, Hong Kong, and South Korea in classrooms.


Kevin Miller interviews Briana Le Claire, director of Idaho Federation of Independent Schools.  She explains the need for schools that work for students and their needs.  Kevin Miller examines the needs of veterans in Idaho.  He urges state officials to make sure Idaho veterans are taken care of.


Kevin Miller is joined by Abe Chavez a senior at Sheridan Academy.  Abe shares his perspective as a student.  He details his plans for college and the rest of his life.  Kevin Miller continues to defend the potato against the first lady and the democrats in congress.


Kevin Miller is joined by Jody Holmes a local parent who discusses the choices of education in the Gem State.  She explains how Sheridan Academy made a difference in the life of her son.  Kevin Miller reports on the VA Scandal hearings in Washington and the first lady's attempt to boot the potato form the WIC program.


Kevin Miller interviews Greg Norton the education director at Sheridan Academy.  They discuss the curriculum and goals of Sheridan Academy.  Kevin Miller looks at Eric Cantor commenting on the VA Scandal.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the sale of the LA Clippers for over 2 Billion dollars.  They look at the upcoming Miller's Mission campaign that begins Monday.  Kevin looks at the need in community during the Summer Months.  Kevin Miller and Dave discuss Jlo's new video.


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