Kevin Miller takes calls on the death of Joan Rivers, the ISU Professor who shot himself in the foot, and the economy.


Kevin Miller catches up with John Rich from Big and Rich.  Mr. Rich previews tonight's show at the Idaho Center Amphitheater.


Kevin Miller speaks with Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio.  Kevin teases Jeff about the beating the Green Bay Packers took last night at the hands of the Seahawks.

Jeff Monosso reports on a legal decision allowing teachers the ability to opt out of union membership.


Kevin Miller gets the latest from Ken Ivory of the American Lands Council. Ken tells Kevin Miller the recent developments concerning the West getting its lands back.


Kevin Miller speaks with Fox News Radio's Kimberly Adams live from Cairo, Egypt.  She reports on the latest expansion of Al Qaeda and the ISIS influence in the Middle East.

Kevin listens and shares a tribute to the late Joan Rivers.


Kevin Miller interview his old friend Johnathan Wohlstetter from Letter from the Capitol.  They discuss the latest on the Ukraine, Gaza, ISIS, and other international issues.


Kevin Miller and Dave remember the great comedian Joan Rivers.  Kevin shares several audio clips from the life and times of Joan Rivers.  Kevin Miller and Dave review last night's Seattle / Green Bay NFL Game.  They look at the dangers of foreign journalist covering wars in the Middle East.


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