Eva Mendes has a baby, Obama attacks Ebola, and another season of Dancing with the Stars?  Plus the latest on ISIS, the border, and the economy.  Those stories and more in today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

President Obama declares war on ISIS?  ISIL?  Nope Ebola, well sorta, reports yahoo news.

An Arkansas school has banned a controversial t shirt promoting virginity reports EAGnews.

Another version of the TV show 'The View' launches this week.  Is it the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning asks the New York Times?

It used to be the work of science fiction that robots would work for humans.  A new report says robots will now being mowing our lawns soon writes app.com.

California now requires a permit for self driving cars says Fox News.

The NFL has now told Washington Redskins quarterback RG3 not to wear a shirt mentioning Jesus reports CBSDC.

NFL running back Adrian Peterson has had issues with other children says KHOU.

Could men going bald be a sign that they have a higher chance of getting prostate cancer?  Here are the details from Yahoo Health.

Ground troops could be on the way to the Middle East says a top general from Real Clear Politics.

What would Braveheart do writes Pat Buchanan?