Just when you think the GOP will cruise to an easy win in the upcoming midterm elections, the word of out Washington is that John Boehner will push immigration reform.  The speaker forgets that the American public has said no to any type of amnesty movement in the past and will do so again.

Then there's the stark numbers that show any move to legalize the illegals will cost the Republicans in future presidential elections?  So why is Boehner behind this movement and what does Congressman Labrador have to do with it?  Those answers and more in today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

Leading off the hotlist is a report detailing Congressman Labrador's attempt at immigration reform.  It may play well in DC, but what about the Gem State?  The skinny and fallout are in the Washington Times.

Here's John Boehner's plan to overhall the nation's immigration reform from The Hill.  Perhaps the speaker should look to enforce the laws before he changes them?

The big money tells the GOP pass immigration/amnesty or the money goes away documents Politico.

It's hard to believe that we could be seeing or hearing the end of the constant singing competitions on TV.  We sure do miss Nashville Star.  Why are hits like American Idol and The Voice fading?  The answers are in today's New York Times.

How did Fox TV bring Jack back after almost five years off the grid?  The producers reveal how they brought back one of television's most iconic characters from the Hollywood Reporter.

Stephen A. Smith tells Michael Sam to get a room from Mediaite.

Elleanor Clift forcefully explains to the McLaughlin Group that Ambassador Chris Stephens was not murdered.  He died of smoke inhalation during an opportunistic terrorist attack.  Watch the video now from Mediaite.  (She wants to put David Peteaeus on trial.)

A former New York Giant tweets that ESPN should not have shown the man kissing Michael Sam.  The story and reaction from CBSNewYork.

What's it like to hang with Hillary Clinton?  No we're not vacationing in the Hamptons, but what's her inside world really like?  Glenn Thrush rehashes the best of times and the worst of times during the 2008 campaign in Politico Magazine.

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