Kevin Miller discusses the case of an Gay Idaho veteran who wants to be married with her partner.  Several folks call in to voice their opinion on marriage and laws.


Kevin Miller speaks with Tim Graham of Media Research Center.  They examine the coverage of Donald Sterling, the economy, and Benghazi.  Kevin and Tim look at advocacy reporting as opposed to objective reporting.


Kevin Miller examines the Benghazi Coverage and wonders why there's more coverage of Donald Sterling than the four dead Americans.  Kevin Miller expands on the minimum wage raise issue and takes calls.


Kevin Miller is joined by Dave Petso.  They discuss the budget, the economy, and the president's push for raising the minimum wage.  Kevin asks Dave about the fallout of Target firing their CEO due to the data breach.


Kevin Miller discusses the possible federal land grab of Western lands.  Kevin Miller shares an ad from candidate AJ Balukoff and then invites him on the program.



Kevin Miller describes the hit and run car incident that involved his wife's Dorothy's car.  Kevin hears from callers who talk about car accidents and schools.  Kevin announces that Rolling Hills Charter School has agreed to host this Thursday's broadcast.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the weekend.  Dave goes over the sports scene and Kevin talks about his appearance at the Saint Vincent de Paul Spring fundraiser.  Kevin reviews the recent Idaho Gives campaign.


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