President Joseph Biden has a thing for the state of Idaho. The president has sued the state following the Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court. Biden's Bureau of Land Management approved the highly controversial Lava Ridge Project.

As we first reported, the Biden scheme involved carving up Idaho's cherished farmland and transforming it into a giant windmill farm producing energy, which supplied Gavin Newsome's failed nation-state, California.

A look at the large Lava Ridge Windmills

Biden's nefarious plan involves placing hundreds of giant windmills dwarfing the space needle. Anyone who cares about the state of Idaho has come out against this issue.

Idaho's two Conservative senators were quick to respond to Biden's power grab.

“Idahoans could not be more clear that they do not support Lava Ridge. Yet, for some reason, the BLM continues to push forward this project that no one in Idaho wants. This is not over—I will continue to fight this unnecessary and ill begotten project,” U.S. Senator Risch said.

“The Federal Government should stop ignoring Idahoans on Lava Ridge. Countless Idahoans have spoken out and continue to speak out against the Lava Ridge Wind Project as they know what is best for their land and livelihoods. This decision by the BLM shows the utmost disdain for the people most affected by this obtrusive and unwanted wind project. I will continue to fight with the people of Idaho in opposition to this project,” U.S. Senator Crapo said.

Governor Brad Little shared his disappointment.

“This is the latest example of the Biden Administration’s unsound energy agenda. The BLM is determined to give California electricity from Idaho despite overwhelming opposition from Idahoans and contrary to formal actions by Idaho’s county, state, and federal elected officials, including federal legislation and federal law. I do not agree with BLM’s conclusion that the effects of this extraordinarily complex proposal are ‘not significant.’ It may not matter in Washington, D.C., but it matters to those of us who live here,” Governor Little said.

The BLM's plan wants to place 241 wind turbines and a height limit of 660 feet.

We continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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