Kevin Miller begins the show by going over a strange case out of Texas.   In a landmark gender identity case, a Texas judge on Thursday overruled a jury's decision that prevented the father of a 7-year-old boy from having a say in whether the child could undergo a sex-change procedure.The ruling, made by district court Judge Kim Cooks, grants Jeffrey Younger joint conservatorship over his son James, which gives him equal say in making medical decisions for the child. The decision comes three days after a jury voted to allow Younger's ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, to proceed with a planned gender-changing procedure that would have included chemical castration and administering puberty blockers to the boy.Georgulas, who insists the child she had with Younger is a girl born in a boy's body, filed the initial suit to modify their custody arrangement. She also asked the court to order Younger to stop referring to the child as "James." However, Younger says James "shows no signs of wanting to be a girl" when he's with him and "is unaware of long-term consequences" of gender transition.Even if James expressed a desire to become a girl, is he too young to make such a permanent, life-altering decision?  Kevin Miller took calls from listeners reacting to the news that there will be a criminal investigation involving the Russian Collusion Case.   Kevin Miller took calls on the new Meridian law mandating hands free devices while driving.




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