Kevin Miller begins the program by reviewing the highly successful raid that killed the leader of ISIS.  He shares how the media has continued to take shots at President Trump by not giving him the proper credit.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners responding to his topic.  Kevin Miller updates the audience on the ever growing fire threat in California.  There is now a statewide emergency declaration in place across California due to the dangerous wildfires and fire conditions. The Kincade Fire in Sonoma County has already burned more than 54,000 acres, forced the evacuation of nearly 200,000 people and threatened hundreds of structures. Meanwhile, the Tick Fire in the southern part of the state has also destroyed structures, threatened homes and critical infrastructure, and caused the evacuation of tens of thousands of residents.   Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  Do you feel the recent round of power blackouts prevented this situation from being worse than it is, why or why not?  What resources are needed to bring these fires under control?  Kevin Miller is joined by Dave Petso from Petso Financial.  They discuss the future of Idaho based Micron Technologies.  Kevin Miller listens as nationally syndicated talk show host Lars Larson reviews the raid over the weekend.  Kevin Miller continues to take calls on the subject of the weekend raid.  Kevin Miller let's listeners know that Mark Meckler will be in town tomorrow to discuss the Convention of States.




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