Kevin Miller starts your day on the right side taking calls from listeners reacting to the upcoming vote on impeachment.  Several callers demand that the Republican Party protect the president.  Kevin Miller switches topics involving paying athletes to compete in collegiate athletes. NCAA officials have begun the process of allowing college athletes to earn money from endorsement deals.  On Tuesday, the NCAA's board of governors voted unanimously to begin changing its rules "in a manner consistent with the collegiate model".  Last month, California passed a bill that would allow college athletes in the state to take money from endorsement deals involving their name or likeness.  Florida introduced a similar bill this week.  Kevin Miller asks the following the questions:  Should college athletes be allowed to make money off their likeness?  Taking it one step further, should college athletes be paid by the university?  Kevin Miller  The Iowa caucus is the first big primary test for 2020 hopefuls.  And some are concerned that former Vice President Joe Biden is headed for a humiliating defeat in the Hawkeye state.  Bloomberg cited 11 of the state's top Democrats who think Biden's Iowa outreach has been a flop, and think he could finish as low as third or fourth place, behind Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg.  Critics say Biden is spending more time at fundraising dinners across the country than meeting voters face-to-face in Iowa, with the caucus now less than 100 days away.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  Do you think Biden's time atop the polls is coming to and end?  Should Warren be considered the new frontrunner?  Could an Iowa victory catapult Buttigieg to the top?




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