Kevin Miller begins the program by pointing out that globally warming is a false premise.  He states that the recent cold spells prove that climate change is fiction.  He takes calls from listeners who agree and some who disagree with him.  Kevin Miller looks at the recent controversy involving the National Basketball Association.  A tweet from the general manager of the Houston Rockets has upset the Chinese Government.  Several NBA Players who've criticized Conservative America said nothing about the Hong Kong situation.  Kevin Miller points out the hypocrisy and takes calls from listeners who react to his reports.

Kevin Miller points out that the league boycotted North Carolina over a transgender restroom bill but appears to have sided with Communist China's request to end media access while in that country. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory says he sees hypocrisy, telling the Charlotte Observer "They wanted to involve themselves with North Carolina commerce and and election, while not setting the same standard for China." The league pulled the 2017 All-Star Game out of the state because of a bill prohibiting transgender individuals from using the public restroom they feel most comfortable with. Is this a case of, in America we have the right to stand up for our beliefs; however, in other countries you simply have to keep your head down? Is the NBA strong enough to stand up to China?






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