Kevin Miller kicks off the 2019 Fall Campaign of Miller's Mission.  Kevin is broadcasting live from the Nampa Wal Mart on Garrity and Franklin.  He's asking listeners to stop by and donate a turkey.  The turkeys will be used to feed Treasure Valley Families this Fall.  The Boise Rescue Mission feeds 1,000-1,200 families a day.  Kevin interviews folks as well as Larry Gebert from Channel 7.   Kevin Miller switches gears to discuss politics.  Former Vice President Joe Biden is not ready to legalize marijuana.   Unlike many of his fellow 2020 hopefuls, Joe Biden is not ready to fully legalize marijuana. Speaking at a Las Vegas town hall over the weekend, the former vice president said we don't yet have enough evidence to determine "whether or not it is a gateway drug", saying he wants to know "a lot more about the science behind it" before legalizing pot nationwide. Biden has spoken out against criminal penalties for marijuana possession and wants to leave it to individual states to decided whether or not to legalize. Kevin Miller asks the following questions to the KIDO Talk Radio audince: Do you think marijuana will eventually be legalized nationwide?  What are some pros and cons of doing so? Kevin Miller interviews Lars Larson on the big national issues of the day.  Kevin Miller takes phone calls from listeners responding to the impeachment inquiry.




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