Kevin Miller begins the show by promoting the appearance of Boise Mayor Dave Bieter.  He has never appeared on the show in the last ten years.  Mayor Bieter does not show up and the callers give Kevin Miller their opinions on why he skipped the show.  Kevin Miller switches gears to discuss the latest move in presidential politics. Both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have outlined plans to wipe out the nation's student loans.  And economists say such a move could provide a boost to the U.S. economy. Moody's analyst William Foster estimates that the U.S. GDP could increase by as much as $80-100 billion per year of all outstanding student loans were wiped clean.  The reason?  Student loan debt is holding young people back from things like home ownership that boost your net worth.The downside, Foster says, is losing out on roughly $85 billion in federal revenue from student loan payments.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  Would you agree with wiping out student loan debt?  Does it drag down the economy by keeping young people from saving money?  Kevin Miller talks about an important national monument. A construction worker connected to an iconic piece of U.S. history has passed away.His name was Nick Clifford and he died Saturday morning at the age of 98.Clifford was the last person who could talk to us about what it was like carving Mount Rushmore.It was said that Clifford worked on Mount Rushmore from 1938-1940, earning only 55 cents an hour.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  Have you ever visited Mount Rushmore?  What are some of your favorite landmarks in the U.S.?





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