Kevin Miller begins his Thanksgiving Day show with taking calls from listeners concerning local politics.  Kevin Miller goes over fact or fiction regarding the history of Thanksgiving.  He continues to take calls and covers the big issues while promoting the turkey day 5k.  He shares some more lifestyle tips to help folks who are cooking their Thanksgiving Day meals.   He shares a quick tip on cooking your favorite bird.  Food expert Penny Kahn says she's been cooking her Thanksgiving turkey in a microwave oven for 30 years and each time the turkey has come out moist and flavorful. The trick is to use a baste comprising a quarter pound of melted butter and a half cup of soy sauce, she says. Cover the bird with the mixture and microwave it on high at seven minutes per pound. Every 20 minutes, remove the turkey from the microwave and re-baste it with its juices, Kahn says.   Kevin Miller asks: Have you ever had a cooking disaster on Thanksgiving? Do you have an Turkey cooking tips to share?  Kevin Miller looks over the Boise mayors race with less than a week before voters will decide whether to keep incumbent Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, or replace him with Boise City Council President Lauren McClean.  The runoff election has been getting a significant amount of local media attention from newspapers, television and radio stations.



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