Kevin Miller begins the show by previewing the upcoming Democratic Presidential Debate.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners predicting who will be the Democratic Nominee for president.  Kevin Miller covers the developing story that Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren that a woman couldn't be elected president.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners giving their take on the issue.   Kevin Miller looks at the opioid crisis. More than 100 billion doses of opioids were dispensed in the U.S. between 2006 and 2014, federal data reveals. The staggering number, which was revealed Tuesday by the Drug Enforcement Administration, shows the opioids -- which consisted of oxycodone and hydrocodone -- were primarily distributed by six major companies. They include the McKesson Corp., Cardinal Health, Walgreens, AmerisourceBergen, CVS and Walmart. Peter J. Mougey, a Florida attorney representing a group suing the opioid industry, says the information proves pharmaceutical companies are to blame for the crisis. "In excess of 100 billion pills is simply jaw-dropping," he says. "The data demonstrates that every community in the country has been negatively impacted." Is it fair to place all the blame on drug manufacturers? Should they be punished for their role in getting so many Americans addicted?  Kevin Miller listens to the folks calling in expressing their opinions.  He switches topics to the discussion of the War Powers Resolution.  Kevin Miller looks at the comments of Congressman Russ Fulcher who appeared on the show earlier this morning.





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