Kevin Miller gives a real time update on tonight's big elections in Boise and Caldwell.  Kevin Miller looks at one of the biggest issues impacting property owners in Idaho, property taxes.  Property taxes continue to rise causing folks to worry about their ability to pay them.  Several folks call in to urge the local government to stop raising taxes.  Kevin Miller reminds the KIDO Talk Radio audience that today is Giving Tuesday.  He asks his listeners to give to a local charitable organization.   Kevin Miller shifts to a topic that continues to get folks fired up.  The construction of the border wall has been a point of national debate for quite sometime.  Now a judge has gotten involved.  A judge in Texas granted a temporary restraining order to the opponents of a crowdfunded project to build part of a southern border wall. The legal issue pertains to a three-mile stretch along the Rio Grande in Hidalgo County, where an immigration group wants to erect an 18-foot-tall wall on private property. The effort, led by Stephen K. Bannon, is part of We Build the Wall, which claims to have raised $25 million in private donations to construct a barrier along the border with Mexico. Your thoughts on the project and this decision?  Will they eventually be allowed to build the wall?  What impacts could a wall have on the local ecosystem?  What happens next in this case?




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