Kevin Miller previews the KIDO Talk Radio audience on the upcoming announcement by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi concerning impeachment.  Kevin Miller reviews what happened during yesterday's Congressional hearing in Washington DC.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners predicting what Pelosi will say.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners responding to Pelosi saying that she wants the House to impeach President Trump.  Kevin Miller updates everyone one the latest shooting in Hawaii.  The gunman who shot three people at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in Hawaii on Wednesday has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, a military official says.  Although full details of the incident have not yet been revealed, an unidentified military source says the gunman is believed to have been enlisted in the U.S. Navy. The source tells NBC affiliate KHNL, a Honolulu station, he heard gunshots and looked out his window just as the shooter put his gun to his head and fired.The three victims have been confirmed to be civilian employees of the U.S. Defense Department. A representative of Queen’s Medical Center has confirmed the victims have been admitted to the hospital, but could not give an update on their conditions.  Kevin Miller continues to take calls from listeners responding to the latest attempt at removing President Trump from office.  He previews Fridays show which will continue the reporting and reaction to this developing story.




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