Kevin Miller starts the program by going over a few public stumbles by Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.  Both of them got into arguments with members of the media.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners responding to the topic.  Kevin Miller shares a heartwarming story that is trending nationally. A 5-year old in Grand Rapids was in court yesterday for a very special reason, an adoption hearing with his foster parents.However, he wasn't alone by any stretch, Michael's entire kindergarten class was there to support him.They all had a chance to speak as well when the judge asked everyone in the room to explain what Michael means to them.  Michael has been living with his new parents since last Thanksgiving.  Kevin Miller shares another story that shows how precious life is in this troubling world. At least two people are dead following a shootout with a pair of UPS truck hijackers in Florida.  The string of events began at about 4:15 p.m. EST when two men attempted to rob a jewelry store in Coral Cables, according to Coral Gables Police Chief Ed Hudak Jr. After exchanging gunfire with the store's owner, the duo commandeered a UPS truck, keeping the driver as a hostage, Hudak says. Police, alerted by the business' silent alarm, gave chase in a high-speed pursuit that was broadcast on TV stations throughout the country. The truck finally stopped 20 minutes later in Broward County, which is where the shootout with police began.  Although details of the related injuries are sketchy, one person was seen falling out of the UPS truck after shots were fired. When the shootout was over, two people were on the ground -- but it's unclear if both were the suspects, or if one was the kidnapped driver. "In matters like this, it is just difficult for all of us, not just in law enforcement but also in society," Hudak says.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  Does the fact that people will kill others to get free stuff mean humans really haven't evolved much? Was it wrong for police to engage in a gunfight in public?





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