Kevin Miller begins the morning by reviewing what happened the night before at the South Carolina Democratic Debate in Charleston, South Carolina.  He takes calls from listeners responding to his comments concerning how Senator Bernie Sanders was treated.  Kevin Miller looks at the latest concerning the Idaho legislature.  Kevin Miller discusses the latest with Idaho State Representative Christy Zito.  Kevin Miller shares a story about one presidential candidate that is in trouble with the NFL.  NFL Owners Reportedly Afraid Of Bernie Sanders Winning Democrat Nomination NFL team owners are reportedly concerned that if the proposed collective bargaining agreement doesn't get passed soon, they could be out lots of money. One of the biggest factors keeping them up at night is the 2020 election. Besides fearing a TV ratings drop like the one seen at the start of the 2016 season, there's also concern about what Bernie Sanders winning the Democrat Party nomination would mean. Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer notes that the owners worry there could be a stock market reaction and a change in the business environment.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  What do you think would happen to the sporting industry under a Sanders administration?  Kevin Miller looks at two issues involving the topic of transgender rights.  The first is whether or not a there should be an age limit on when someone can become another gender.  The second is a bill that would ban men who are now women from competing in girls sports.





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