Kevin Miller begins the show by looking at several local and national issues.  He focuses his attention on the upcoming debate between the Democratic Presidential Candidates in New Hampshire.  Kevin Miller looks at the continued evolving crisis involving Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney may have broken ranks with his fellow Republican senators in voting to convict the President earlier this week, but there was no ulterior motive. Despite a piece in The Washington Examiner speculating that the former Presidential candidate will give it another shot in 2024, Romney scoffs at the suggestion. Speaking to The Atlantic's McKay Coppins, Romney erupted in laughter, joking, "Yes! That's it! They caught me!" "Look at the base I have! It's going to be at least 2 or 3 percent of the Republican Party. As goes Utah, so goes the nation!" Romney continued. Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  Why do you think Romney broke ranks with the party? What do you think will be next for him?  Kevin Miller goes back to the New Hampshire Primary.   While officials are hoping not to see a repeat of what happened in Iowa, new polls suggest the primary race in New Hampshire could be tight as well. According to figures released by Monmouth University, Bernie Sanders has a slight edge over Pete Buttigieg, with the Vermont Senator leading 24 percent to South Bend mayor's 20 percent. Meanwhile, Suffolk University shows Buttigieg within one point of Sanders (24%-23%), gaining 4 percentage points from the previous poll. According to Monmouth, Joe Biden is ahead of Elizabeth Warren, while Suffolk has their places flipped. Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  How do you see NH turning out? How about for later primaries?






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