Kevin Miller begins the show by interviewing Washington DC lobbyst Phil Hardy.  Mr. Hardy goes over the vote in the US Senate last night that approved the 2 Trillion Dollar stimulus package.  It now heads to the US House.  Financial Planner Dave Petso joins Kevin Miller with an outlook on what's next for the markets.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners on the topic.  Dr. Tommy Ahlquist of Saltzer Medical Group joins Kevin to talk about the governor's stay at home order.  Kevin Miller takes call from listeners responding to Tommy's interview.  Kevin Miller speaks with Boise Mayor Lauren McLean.  She urges folks to social distance.  Kevin Miller switches gears looking at the airline industry.  For Now If you're booked on an upcoming voyage with Southwest Airlines, you might want to pack some food and an empty water bottle before heading to the airport. In an effort to reduce close interactions between employees and the public amid the coronavirus outbreak, the carrier has suspended all in-flight snack and drink service until further notice. The order went into effect on Wednesday, which Southwest says was made "in accordance with health officials' recommendations". Fortunately for those who may cancel their trip, the airline doesn't charge fees to do so and will let you use the tickets towards future travel.  Kevin Miller asks:  Have you canceled a recent trip? Where were you heading? When do you think you'll start flying again?






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